An Octopus Sucked Onto A Vlogger’s Face And Ripped Her Skin When She Tried To Eat It Live On Camera

A vlogger, who was streaming live on the Chinese video platform Kuaishou, has become a trending topic all over social media. Young children are taught not to play with your food. The video creator who calls herself seaside ‘girl Little Seven’ learned this the hard when she tried to eat a live octopus and it responded by suctioning onto her face so hard that it ripped off some skin. She was livestreaming her attempt to eat the octopus alive when she realized that her main course had latched onto her face and its suckers weren’t letting go.

At the beginning of the clip, she is fairly unfazed by the fact that she was about to eat a live octopus but her relaxed demeanor evaporated as soon as she realized how hard it was sucked onto her skin. According to the Mail Online, while tugging at its tentacle to rip the octopus free, she screamed “painful” and “I can’t remove it”. When the octopus finally came free, it had left a small wound on her cheek.

The angry vlogger reportedly said, “My face is disfigured. I’ll eat it in the next video.”

An octopus has a natural instinct to use its tentacles for catching its own dinner or to fight off predators. The suckers on the underside of these tentacles can stick and hold on very well, as this woman found out firsthand in this unwittingly viral video.

Her online fame due to this notorious escapade doesn’t put her out at all. She had reportedly said in her earlier videos that she didn’t understand why she never gained popularity. This altercation with the feisty octopus may have well changed the status as the Mail reports she’s now a trending topic on China’s popular social media platforms.

Her attempted feasting has also been watched all over the world as the footage has been uploaded to YouTube. On Twitter, someone wrote: “That will teach her a lesson not to play with Octopus. Poor baby must have been terrified and eaten alive.”

Octopus 1, Vlogger 0” another twitter user aptly concluded.

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