Blind Bahamas Man Carried His Disabled Son To Safety As Hurricane Dorian Raged

After the devastating hurricane Dorian blew the roof off his house on Abaco, the real challenge started for Brent Lowe.

Lowe waded through chin-high water to reach safety while the storm raged all around him. He did this while carrying his 24-year-old son, who has cerebral palsy and cannot walk. Lowe himself is blind.

Lowe told CNN, “I was terrified. I didn’t realize the water was that deep. I was thinking maybe knee deep. It wasn’t until I stepped off and I realized, oh, I wonder if it gets deeper because that means I have to swim with him, you know what I mean. But thankfully it didn’t get over my head.”

The Bahamas took a severe beating during Hurricane Dorian, with Category 5 winds battering the islands and leaving no less than 43 people dead, though authorities suspect the death toll will rise.

Lowe described that he was huddled in his house with his son, sister-in-law, other relatives and some neighbors while the hurricane pounded Abaco. Then the roof blew away.

He recalled, “At that time it was raining and raining hard. So I picked him up, threw him on my shoulder and when I stepped off my porch, my front porch, the water was chin high, up to my chin. … We all had to walk out into the water and into the wind to the neighbor’s house.”

He said the supposed five-minute walk felt much longer till they finally reached the neighbor’s house, where he and his son stayed till, they could be taken to a shelter, he told the New York Times.

Presently, he has been evacuated to Nassau where Lowe is receiving the dialysis treatment, he needs to stay alive while his son is being cared for by his sister-in-law.

Lowe said, “He is with her right now. I really hope to get in contact with him because I really miss him. I want to see him.”

The future is fairly uncertain for Lowe and his family as the destruction on Abaco was so brutal that they won’t be able to go home for a long time.

Lowe said, “You know, I’m 49 years old. My son is 24 years old. I’ve been disabled for 11 years. And all the time I’ve never asked anybody for anything. I just went about me and my family and took care of my family, me and my kids with the help of my ex-wife and we did it.”

Before Dorian hit Abaco, a live-in caretaker cared for his son when Lowe went for his dialysis treatment, but post-hurricane, they don’t even have a home of their own.

Lowe shared, “We need a place to go. I don’t know exactly what we are going to do. We need help.”


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