Teen Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Protest Outside White House

  1. Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenager who has sparked a youth-driven movement for climate change, arrived at Washington to march and chant  with nearly 1,500 protesters, mostly schoolchildren, near the White House on Friday. They are campaigning for immediate action from the world’s governments to halt global warming, reduce fossil fuel consumption and deter environmental catastrophe.

They chanted, “You can’t breathe money, you can’t drink oil”.

Thunberg, at just 16 years, has captured international attention by inspiring a series of remonstrations and school strikes. Her climate activism has attracted a passionate following of children fundamentally challenging their elders to take action. For veteran environmental activists, this resulted in renewed media attention and a fresh wave of passionate young volunteers asserting for change.

Natalie Mebane, policy director for the environmental group 350.org, which helped organize Friday’s protest, “What Greta has brought is a unified international presence for youth. She’s created an international youth voice.”

Thunberg travelled across the Atlantic Ocean in a solar-powered boat to arrive in New York City on Aug. 28. She will stay in Washington, D.C., for several days and engage in rallies and lobbying efforts  to promote a global climate strike declared for Sept. 20 that will kick off a week of activism.

Thunberg is scheduled to address the U.N. Climate Action Summit to be held in New York on Sept. 23.

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