This Amphibious Camper Allows You To Camp On Land And On Water

Campers have always been available in various shapes and sizes throughout the years. This camper can also be used on water. Called Sealander, it is an amphibian camper that can be used on both the water and land fronts.

The creation behind it is pretty interesting- designed by German engineer Daniel Straub, this unique combination of trailer and amphibious vehicle, is primarily for those people who want to have a private picnic on a lake, but also relish being on land.

The innovative lightweight mobile vehicle contains a removable sunroof for sunbathing, a stainless-steel handrail to ensure safe boarding, stereo, benches, sink, cooking module, separate fresh and wastewater tanks, gas kit- the perfect home. Though dynamic and modern, it isn’t suited to be a permanent residence, but can be customized to your taste and needs to be just like a home away for home.

The two-in-one camper is both a yacht and a caravan at the same time, being completely space-efficient. It is also a scientific marvel where aesthetics of boatbuilding come with the designs for sophistication and luxury. The best part is that no special license is needed to operate the Sealander which meets all required safety standards for a land and a water vehicle world-wide.

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