Plastic Waste: Shop Launches Refillable Milk Scheme

A small shop on Anglesey in Wales has taken big steps to tackle the biggest problem of all, of plastic waste by installing a milk machine for customers to fill bottles by themselves.

Paul Ellis, who runs the enterprising shop, Siop Ellis Spar in the county town Llangefni with his partner Leonie Gaulton, comments that the idea has proved “incredibly popular”.

Shoppers can purchase glass bottles or bring their own containers to fill up from the 14 liters (24 pints) milk tank set up in the store.

Mr. Ellis expressed hope that the scheme can make a “big difference”.

He added that after just a week of launching, the tank containing locally sourced, semi-skimmed milk is being emptied between two and three times per day.

He said, “Like all great ideas it was my missus’s. It’s been really, really busy. We’ve had people getting in touch from Canada, Ireland and Sweden [to find out more]. It’s not a revolutionary idea but it’s a start.”

Customers also have the option of taking items like crisp packets, sweet wrappers, and toothbrushes to the shop to get them recycled.

When asked about his environmental activities, Mr. Ellis said, “It makes a big difference I think. We don’t need everybody to make a massive change, it just needs a lot of people to make a small change.”

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