Homeopathic Research Institute Unable to Tell Which Test Group Took The Placebo

Homeopathic researchers could not identify placebo group

In a multi-year study by scientists at the Kettering Institute of Sugary Water Research and Development resulted into a disastrous outcome when they realized that they could not remember in which group they gave the placebo treatment i.e. they could not remember the control group.
They used one group for just normal water and other group was given placebo treatment (with a substance which has no therapeutic impact) for the psychological benefit of the patients. It turned out to be really annoying when they found they could not tell which group was what, as per Simone Williams, a researcher in the group.
The study was double-blinded and working perfectly, until they found that blunder after years of the inception of the study. Well, during the study period they expected the patient to recover or die randomly; which normally occurs for a properly designed study.
The research added that she can now only show everyone which patient got better outcome after treatment among different groups.
Figure Article 2- 28 Oct

Homeopathic research institute unable to tell which test group took the placebo

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