The Plan of The Chinese Government to Not Drop The Plastic into Rivers Seems to be Backfired as The Coasts are Swamped with The Waste.

The whole world is facing the problem of plastic pollution and China, the world’s leading producer of plastic waste is dealing with the worst plastic waste pollution of the time. Earlier, the Chinese government came with the plan to not drop the waste in the rivers but it worsen the situation instead of overcoming the problem.

According to the environment ministry, almost 200 million cubic meters of rubbish was found on the coasts last year that is a 27 percent rise on the previous year. Moreover, waste in the seas has risen to the top and plastic is its main constituent. Before the drive, most of the rubbish was dumped into the Yangtze and Pearl rivers by the industries, established on the banks of the rivers and in nearby areas.

“At the moment, there are some clear problems with the work on the marine ecological environment, with some region not showing a lot of awareness or paying sufficient attention, and lacking strong initiative and dedication”, Huo Chuanlin, who is the deputy director of the marine environment department, said to a press in Beijing. “China is the biggest producer and exporters of plastic products, accounting for about 30 percent of the world’s total, but that doesn’t mean that China is a major plastic polluting county”.

The ministry says on an average 24kg of waste is floating on the surface of water near the coasts per 1,000 square meters and plastic was also found even in the seabed. Also, in a study by researchers at Tianjin University, it was published that the plastics levels of the seawater are terrible which are causing various economic, environmental and biological problems.

7 billion yuan has sanction for cleaning the coasts and the Chinese government is planning to make 30 percent the coastal regions completely free from any sort of harms for sake of the development, but moving the most of the petrochemical and steel industries to the shores, as part of the plan to protect the rivers and improve the environment of the cities, has become a big hurdle for the government.


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