What The Fossil Fuel Industry Don’t Want You to Know About The Climate Change?

A group of scientists show that for a very long time, the fossil fuel industry has misled the public about their harmful effects on the climate. In October, a report was published that shows how it affects the environment and what should be done to prevent this.

The report titled, ‘America misled: how the fossil fuel industry deliberately misled Americans about climate change’, by the studies and research of University of Bristol, UK, George Manson, U.S. and Harvard, U.S., illustrated the effects of the industry and how they hide the information, so that it can help public to be aware and the government to make suitable policies.

The report is based on what the industry did and what they knew about the effects of their actions. It shows that the corporations have always known about the causes and they deliberately misinformed the public and arranged denial. Also, the industry and politicians attacked the consensus data to exaggerate the uncertainties and they offered no proper explanation for the effects on the environment. Their aim was just to undermine the actions that harm their profit. The industry also fabricated the fake news, information and conspiracy theories, with help of the fake experts. Moreover, they spread misconceptions among the public.

“Disinformation about climate change has a straightforward purpose—to block action on climate change. In America, it has largely succeeded, with policies to mitigate climate change blocked or delayed for decades,” John cook, Professor at the George Mason University, said.

Geoffrey Supran, Research Associate at Harvard University, said, “For 60 years, the fossil fuel industry has known about the potential global warming dangers of their products. But instead of warning the public or doing something about it, they turned around and orchestrated a massive campaign of denial and delay designed to protect profits. The evidence is incontrovertible: Exxon misled the public. Like all bad actors, they should be held accountable.”

The report has also explained how ExxonMobil and other corporations deceived people for their economic gains and Exxon is currently facing the State of New York in the court.


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