Plastic Menace: Dead deer found with 15 pounds of plastic in its gut

In what might alarm many of us of the hazards of single use plastics, officials at the national park in Nan province in Bangkok, found in an autopsy of a dead deer, 15 pounds of the harmful substance

Thailand is one of the top consumers of single use plastic in the world, where on an average, a whopping 3000 single use plastic bags are used per year per resident, eventually finding their way into natural habitats, clogging the oceans, cluttering parks and streets, wreaking havoc on an unprecedented scale

On a fateful November 25th, the park rangers in the Khun Sathan National Park, found the dead deer, weighing almost 200 kg, believed to be dead several days ago

The director of the National Park, Kriangsak Thanompun, informed that the autopsy of the deer revealed the contents of the stomach, plastic bags; thought to be one of the contributing factors to the animal’s death, as the deer was reckoned to be about 10 years old and the cause of the death may be attributed to senescence as well as congestion due to the plastic inside.

Photos shared by the National Park showed a gruesome sight of the deer that had consumed a plethora of single use plastic used by us: instant noodle packaging, coffee grounds, bags, towels, gloves, handkerchiefs and even underwear, which the deer possibly ate when it rummaged through its surroundings when alive.

They added this is definitely a tragedy and that they have to consider and limit the use of single use plastic as Siam Commercial Bank’s Economic Intelligence Center ranked Thailand 6th globally amongst the list of countries that dump plastic into the oceans.

Thailand is only behind China, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. The products contributing to this inexorable problem are plastic bags, which make up 13% of the waste in the ocean, straws, making up 10% and food containers, making up 8%.

There is nevertheless hope as the Bangkok Post reported that companies have to alter their processes in lines with measures that are attempted to eliminate the single use plastics within 3 years.

This deer is just one amongst many casualties this year that have succumbed due to deliberate plastic pollution, including many whales.

Hope more people realize this as a pernicious act towards nature, and change things before it gets out of hand and spiral downwards into an abyss.

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