Could zero gravity kill cancer? New research project heading to space

A new idea is being tested by a team of doctors to establish if zero gravity can kill cancer cells; by shipping them off to the International Space Station (ISS).

This test has its precedent in a report by ABC news, which showed that cancer cells exposed to micro gravity in a lab died off, and the team from Australia’s University of Technology, Sydney, has taken it upon themselves to test this bizarre idea

The team conjectured that the reason why the cancer cells died off was because microgravity has the ability to disrupt their normal communication channels and how they interact with their environment

Joshua Chou, the lead doctor in the project is aware of a condition called mechanical unloading within biological cells when subjected to zero gravity, which actually affects how they move, interact with other cells and survive.

The team is planning to send a box of live cancer cells to the ISS next year to understand how these cells function in low gravity.

Chou also mentioned that this cure, if it works, can work in parallel to the existing therapies that are already in place, thereby improving the efficacy of the treatment.

Hopefully time will tell if we can include zero gravity in our tool box to better accoutre ourselves in the fight against cancer.

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