Man with Terminal illness allowed by Disney to watch new ‘Star Wars’ film before official release

A terminally ill man had the privilege of watching a special screening of the upcoming “Star Wars: The rise of Skywalker” three weeks before the movie was scheduled to hit the screens, a courtesy extended by the Walt Disney Co. to the man who wanted to watch it before he dies.

The staff at Rowans Hospice in Purbrook, southern England – where the terminally ill man was undergoing treatment, started a Twitter campaign because time was not on his side, enabling him and his son to watch the movie ahead of its official release.


Generally the plotlines of the movies are kept under wrap until the release however once this went viral, it came to the attention of Disney CEO Bob Iger who acquiesced to their request and agreed to showcase the movie to the patient and his family.


A Disney employee brought a laptop to the hospice, on which the man watched, according to the hospice:



He even got to see the movie before its titular star Mark Hamill:



The man was munificent in thanking everyone who made this possible, who also partook in a “Star Wars” themed party earlier in the week and mentioned that albeit being in a bad situation, the hospice had helped him make some wonderful memories during a difficult time.

When he thought it would be nigh impossible to watch the movie which he was waiting to see since 1977, being a huge Star Wars fan, he felt it incredible that he was able to watch it and described the feeling as though he has won a lottery.

The patient’s wife and family were very humbled by the support shown by everyone. What started off as a simple conversation turned into a magnanimous gesture of generosity and she couldn’t help thanking the Star Wars community enough. Lisa Davies from the hospice was nonplussed with the success of their campaign.




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