Russian cows to go high tech by wearing VR headsets

Next time you see a bovine nodding its head in glee in verdant Russian lands wearing a VR headset, fret not for this is an attempt by Russian farmers in an effort to improve their moods and as a consequence, increase their milk production.

The VR has a simulated summer field with pleasant colors tuned for their eyes, giving them a pleasant experience than the crowded farms in which they find themselves in.

The VR headsets have been built considering the shape and the structure of the bovine’s heads, thus they can sit comfortably on them.

They found that this setting alleviated their stress levels and anxiety and improved their mood, at least at a basic level, but it remains to be seen if this can be translated into increase in production of milk.

If this works, this could be an option for those farms where endless summery fields are not available and if it doesn’t, the bovines can be left to roam around in actual fields, like they are meant to.

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