Donald Trump Jr. Killed an Endangered Sheep in Mongolia, Got Government Approval Days Later

In a remote Western Mongolian region, Donald Trump Jr. used his rifle equipped with laser to kill an indigenous Argali, an endangered species famed for its horns and fur, and the locals used the lights in their cellphones to track down the location of the kill, post which he had asked them not to dismember the animal but chose to carry the animal intact in an aluminum sheet.

This incident comes weeks after the US and Mongolian officials met at the White House which aimed at strengthening ties between the two countries to effectively tackle the growing global presence of China.

ProPublica has alleged that the President’s son received a preferential treatment for the hunting from the Mongolian government in light of the top brass meeting between the two countries a few weeks earlier as he received his permit to kill on an ex post facto basis.

In Mongolia, legal permits to kill these endangered Argalis is stuck in a political quagmire as it’s usually doled out to influential people in the political sectors who have enough connections and money.

The hunting season usually runs from July 1st to September 30th however the process to obtain the requisite licenses and the permits to kill are obscure and not transparent enough, said Amgalanbaatar Sukh, a scientist who heads the Argali research center, to ProPublica.

There were also allegations that Trump Jr. met the Mongolian president, Khaltmaagiin Battulga privately however the spokesperson for Trump Jr., Andy Surabian did not divulge the details of the conversation however has maintained that Trump Jr. bought this trip to Mongolia in an auction and that was even before Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president.

He also asserted that Trump Jr. flew commercial using his own money and got the required permits and that neither of the governments were involved in his trip contrary to ProPublica’s report that Jandos Kontorbai Ahat, a member of the Mongolian political party, made complete arrangements for the trip.

Ahat while maintaining that the hunting system is indeed political, also mentioned that the defense staff at the US embassy accompanied Trump Jr.

Other sources like the hunting guided and the scouts informed ProPublica that there were also 5 bodyguards in the hunting troop.

Surabian has maintained that the security protocol is dictated by the secret service and a decision on that front is definitely not made by Trump Jr.

Ahat and the local guides showered approbation on Trump Jr. impressed by his respectful character and his proficiency in hunting.

Trump Jr. also shared his exploits in Instagram and he could be seen standing in front of a Mongolian Yurt, posing on a horse and handling an aquiline eagle.

Trump Jr. and his brother Eric Trump, aren’t novices in game hunting as photos of them posing before an elephant, a buffalo and a leopard that they killed in a safari resurfaced during the presidential campaign.

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