Scientists made a self-lubricating condom that can withstand 1,000 thrusts

Lots of research and brain power has gone into designing condoms over the centuries and it has come far from the days when men used to wrap their penises with livestock intestines. However even with the new advances like ribs for pleasure, glow in the dark and self-warming varieties, only one-third of the men in the US use them.

The research team, which got a grant money of $100,000, created this condom which becomes slippery when it comes into contact with moisture, as a part of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s competition to design a better condom.

Although the condoms currently in markets have a thin layer of pre-applied lubricant, they wear off during coitus however the team has come up with a specially designed hydrophilic coating over the condom’s surface that can potentially last for about 1000 thrusts, which equates to about more than 16 minutes of intense sex till the lubricant wears off.

The study also claims that a typical intercourse lasts for about 100 – 500 thrusts however they do add that these condoms should not be reused again and for that matter it applies to all condoms.

The study, which appeared in the Royal Society Open journal, elucidates the process by which they came up with the unguent without much euphemisms.

They assessed the frictional performance across lubricated and non-lubricated latex condoms using a machine and even involved human participants to a tactile test so they can gauge their slippery preferences during sex.

Of the non-lubricated variety, the lubricated one and the newly-designed condoms, the newly-designed ones emerged as favorite by 73% of the respondents and some, who never used a condom hitherto, were open to the possibility of using them, if available in the market.

In peroration, as an afterthought, the team adds that just because the condom can stay firm and resilient for 1000 thrusts, doesn’t mean good sex inevitably means jackhammering your partner in that manner, unless your partner specifically asks for that, in which case, you can go all guns blazing.

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