Scientists Potentially Remove Diseases from Blood by Using Magnets


In the last quarter of last year, George Frodsham a British researcher discovered a way to remove unwanted cells from blood by the use of magnets. This followed a thorough analysis of previous studies in biochemistry which has proved that it’s possible to integrate magnetic nanoparticles with respective body cells.

Engineer George Frodsham believes that it’s possible to pull out blood cancer tumours from the blood in a similar manner a tumour is usually cut out. For this reason, he created a curing technology called MediSieve that functions similarly as dialysis, which works by draining the blood of a given patient and integrating it with magnetic nanoparticles to treat specific illnesses.

The concept involved is that of cleaning blood severally using the MediSieve machine until a desired level of purity is achieved. At this point, the blood is potentially curable by drugs or the patient’s immune system since the majority of harmful cells in the blood have been pulled out. This process is concluded by pumping the sieved blood back into the respective body of the given patent.

In real-time, George Frodsham and his team are awaiting go ahead confirmation from the respective health department, United Kingdom’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, to begin clinical trials. The target group for these clinical trials is malaria-infected patients since the responsible parasite is naturally magnetic due to its ability to consume its iron-based waste product.

The projected commencement date of the clinical trials is as soon as possible this year, while the second trial testing could follow next year upon the success of phase one trials. The second trial will be testing MediSieve on sepsis-causing bacteria.

By definition, a magnet is a piece of material that attracts something, so applying the same analogy, in theory, one can go for almost anything making it possible to pull out unwanted substances. According to Frodsham, this concept of magnetism can not only be used to make cells visible as images as previously used but also to filter out injurious viruses, bacteria, pathogens and poisons.

All this is believed and anticipated to be possible by the use of the MediSieve super tool, which is claimed to be potentially powerful and up to the task. This technique borrows much from the commonly known method of dialysis which is an approach of removing waste products from the blood cells in the case of kidney failure which makes it a valid and realizable concept in a real-life setting.

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