Nearly Half a Billion Animals have Perished in the Australian Bushfires

A kangaroo rushes past a burning house

Following the long-lasting and devastating bushfires that have rampaged New South Wales district in recent months, the consequences of this disaster have had terrible effects on the entire ecosystem in general.

Preliminary estimates provided by ecologists show that nearly half a billion native Australian animals have died in the last couple of months. Bush fires have destroyed over ten million acres pieces of land in the affected areas. In real-time numbers, approximately 480 million mammals, reptiles and birds have suffered severely either directly or indirectly from these bush fires.

The social media contains numerous images of the blazing bushfires which have terrorized the Australian Continent leading to the permanent destruction of homes, habitats, and sources of revenue. According to Chris Dickman, a professor of ecology at the University of Sydney, it will be impossible to recover from such a huge ecological loss.

The most affected animals with absolute certainty are the Koalas, which could have either perished directly as a result of the fires or indirectly by other related factors such as starvation and being preyed on by dogs.

However, as of now, the fate of many animals hangs in the balance of life and death since it’s impossible to predict future occurrences of bush fires, but the consequences of such tragic blazing flames are certainly catastrophic.

For this reason, as we had witnessed the massive loss of animal life beyond what anyone could have imagined when the fire started, we owe it to ourselves to at least come up with ways to control this menace and prevent it from occurring again. We all need to support the wildlife community to bring back what has been lost despite the reality of an uncertain future concerning the loss of animal life due to bushfires.

I believe we all agree that the life of animals means something not nothing at all and therefore, it’s our responsibility to take care of the wildlife community to maintain an ecological balance. It was a tragedy that befell on the Australian state, and the repercussions will be paid by many generations to come as there are concerns that an entire species may have been lost.

Although Australia has always had disturbing bushfires, scientists claim that the fire conditions last year were without parallel on several fronts. The fire conditions of our lives today are fundamentally different and worse in many ways as compared to fires experienced in the past.

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