Researchers say every single day weather is linked to climate change across the planet

Generations of scientists have educated us that “weather is not climate” and that the two are distinct from each other. Climate is best described as a long term trend that covers a broader area. Weather is what we get locally over a shorter area with higher variability.

Repeatedly we hear reports of weather conditions going very cold in just one location for a short span of time. Quite often people can be seen using such occurrences to dismiss global warming as a hoax. But as it turns out the variability of local weather was masking the long term trends in global climate.

We know that we have been facing a long term global warming. We also know that days can be colder than it was ever before in some places. Now, a team of researches from Switzerland and Norway have found a correlation between the two. They are claiming to have found the fingerprint of global warming in everyday weather.

Their study, published in the “Nature”, is based on a new analysis of temperature measurement and models. The usual approach of considering climate and weather to be distinct from each other gets disowned by the results of this study.

Using climate models and machine learning the team studied weather as a global phenomenon (not limiting to any particular area). In their findings mean weather values from 1951 to 1980 barely matched up to those from 2009 to 2018.

According to the authors of the study, the effect of climate change on weather can be clearly seen starting from 1999. From 2012 onwards climate change is seen to be affecting the global weather every single day. 

In very simple terms what the study is telling us is that if a place was experiencing a local decrease in temperature, simultaneously another place is experiencing warmer weather. In many cases, these variations occur because of climate change.

While the study establishes a link between climate and weather, it also points notice to fact that climate change has become very powerful.

Scientists believe the newly found correlation can be used to link long term traits with short term weather events to prepare for emergencies. If successfully developed it would be instrumental in fighting against future climate-related calamities.

Climate change to global warming continues to be the biggest threat to humanity’s survival. If someone says that there is no global warming because of the extra cold they may be feeling on that particular day, show them this study and say “even this is caused by global warming”.

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