Astrophysicist claims time travel is possible

University of Connecticut physics professor Ron Mallett is convinced that he has found a way to travel back in time.

Mallett’s passion for time travel stems from the tragic death of his father when he was just ten years old and the classic sci-fi novel. According to Mallett, he was deeply inspired by the writings of Albert Einstein as well.

  • The 74-year-old professor’s quest for figuring out time travel involves around a type of laser called ring laser.  He had recently told CNN he has successfully theorised time travelling and has even built a prototype device.

Though Miller remains confident in his theory he suggests that a practical version of the theory might not be created in his lifetime. But many scientists are sceptical about his claims and are pointing out mathematical flaws in his theory.

Miller’s proposed model hinges around Einstein’s special theory of relativity and the general theory of relativity. The special theory of relativity establishes time can be affected by the speed of an object. To put it simply an object that’s travelling at speed closer to the speed of light will experience time slower. 

Einstein has explained this phenomenon clearly using his very famous “train” example. The general theory of relativity establishes that time and space exist as a “fabric” and extreme gravity can warp them both around it. It means gravity affects time. Higher the gravity slower the time you perceive relative to someone who is under the influence of a lower gravity force.

Both these theories argue the case for time “skipping”. In time skipping, at least theoretically a person can move forward in time. But time travelling to the past is a question of a whole different paradigm. And Mallett believes he can crack it using lasers.

“If you can bend space, there’s a possibility of you twisting space,” Mallett told CNN. “In Einstein’s theory, what we call space also involves time — that’s why it’s called space-time, whatever it is you do to space also happens to time.”

Theoretically, be believes one can twist time into a loop allowing time travel into the past. With the prototype he built, Mallett is trying to show how lasers can help us in time travel.

He told CNN “By studying the type of gravitational field that was produced by a ring laser; this could lead to a new way of looking at the possibility of a time machine based on a circulating beam of light.”

Mallett also explains to us that time travel through his method can take you back only up to the time in which the device is created. 

Will Mallett makes history by succeeding in his path? Or be forgotten like countless others who have tried? Only time will tell – and that is a great irony in itself.


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