Alabama Longhorn Breaks Guinness World Record for Longest Horns

Meet Poncho. He is an Alabama raised Texas longhorn that just broke the world record for longest horns. 

Poncho is raised by the Jeral Pope and his family at their ranch in Goodwater town of Alabama. Jeral found Poncho when he was only six months old. Jeral named him Poncho Via after the 60s TV and movie character Pancho Villa.

Poncho with Pope family

As recorded by Guinness world record Poncho’s horns spans an unbelievable 10 feet 7.4 inches. That’s much wider than the Statue of Liberty’s face. Poncho horns are hailed to be incredible as he has beaten all previous records that lay claim for the largest spread-alive or dead.

Poncho is a local celebrity now as people come around to take pictures with him. Pope family said that they realised Poncho, could break the records when he was at four years of age. Pope’s family, even with the intimidating look of Poncho, sees him as a pet. Jeral’s son David thinks Poncho has a very soft heart.


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