Startup unveils contact lens prototype with a tiny display

Mojo Vision, a startup from Silicon Valley is on its way to building the world’s first “true smart contact lens”. A very early prototype of the product was showcased at CES last week.

The company hopes to create a smart contact lens that can assist people with low vision by displaying enhanced overlays of the world with zoom-in capabilities. So far Mojo Vision has successfully been able to shrink a display to the size of a contact lens. 

The revolutionary new tech is said to have a record-breaking 14,000 PPI display so that it can present sharp, crystal clear images right in front of your eyes. The company claims it to be the smallest and densest display ever made.

The lens comes with image, radio and motion sensors to help stabilize the display. Though a working demo of the lens wasn’t arranged the attendees were allowed to try out a VR headset that hosted the same interface as the lens. The interface is fully designed to be maneuverable through eye-tracking.

The company says people will likely have to wear an extra accessory that would provide the data connection and processor for the contacts. They are planning to use a proprietary induction charging method to charge while users keep the lens for disinfection overnight.

“We want to create a technology that lets you be you, lets you look like you; doesn’t change your appearance; it doesn’t make you act weird walking down the street,” said Mike Wiemer, cofounder, and chief technology officer at Mojo Vision. “It’s very discreet and frankly, substantially, most of the time it doesn’t show you anything.”

The product is still in development. It could take a lot more time to see the product in action as the company fails to mention any exact time plan. It is worth knowing that Mojo’s vision is working with the US Food and Drug Administration to develop its product, aimed at the vision impaired, that complies with regulations and standards.


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