Lush launches koala soap to raise money for wildlife in Australia

On Friday Lush has launched soaps that shaped like Koalas. The limited-edition product called “All the wild things” is available for $6.95 across the globe. In the US, the soaps will be an online exclusive with only 10,000 pieces available.

Lush aims to support Australian wildlife through the sales of this soap. According to their press release, 100% of sales proceedings, minus taxes, will be donated to the Bush Animal Fund, which supports animal rescue and land restoration.

The new soap has the same ingredients as the of the Outback Mate soap-  peppermint, lemongrass, and eucalyptus. Coincidently eucalyptus happens to be the Koalas’ primary food source.  “All the wild things” is also a completely vegan product.

Tricia Stevens, Lush’s Manager of Charitable Giving and Ethical Campaigns says that “as a business that cares deeply for animals, people, and the planet, responding to the bushfires in Australia with funding support to impacted wildlife is simply the right thing to do.”

“By directing customer support from the purchase of All the Wild Things to grassroots animal rescue organizations, we will be able to have a direct impact on their lives and the environment in which they live,” she continued.

You can buy “All the wild things” soap here.


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