Now you can track the global spread of Wuhan Coronavirus using this website

At least 81 people are dead due to the deadly Coronavirus infection that started from Wuhan, China. Over 4000 people have been reported to be infected by the 2019-nCov virus as of today.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have created a map that tracks and visualises reports regarding the outbreak across the world using data collected from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organisation, China’s CDC, and other sources with geographic-information-system mapping. 

The map gets updated every time new reports come in. It tracks total confirmed cases, total deaths, and total recoveries. Outbreaks are represented as red dots with sizes that correspond to the relative size of the outbreak. Clicking on any one region of the map shows the statistics of that particular region. It also has a chart that compares how quickly the virus has spread in mainland China compared with the rest of the world.

The map serves as a reliable source of information to track the spread of the disease. Misinformation during an outbreak will only create more problems for everyone. Tools such as this help keep misinformation at bay.

The Chinese government is facing flak over their alleged attempt of suppressing information regarding the illness during its earlier days. At least eight people were arrested in China accused of “publishing or forwarding false information on the internet without verification” about the coronavirus. 

So far the virus has managed to reach all of the inhabited continents of the world. Around 13 countries have seen reported infections and are actively trying to contain the threat from spreading. While health officials think that the new virus is milder than the SARS virus, China has quarantined Wuhan and imposed travel restrictions in 12 cities.

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