After more than 20 years the Los Angeles Zoo has its first baby gorilla

Los Angeles has its first baby gorilla after more than 20 years and its a girl. The yet to be named baby was born at the zoo around mid-Janurary.

The baby was born to mother N’dija, a 25-year-old western lowland gorilla and father Kelly, a 32-year-old male silverback. Both the baby and mother are doing well. Since the birth, N’dija has returned to her favourite spot to rest and nurse. The duo is also back with the rest of the troop.

In a press release CEO and Zoo director Denise Verret has said “this historic birth is a step forward for western lowland gorilla conservation. For the first time in over two decades, Angelenos will now have a unique opportunity to watch this gorilla baby grow up at the LA Zoo.”

N’dija carries the baby in her arms, close to chest as it’s still too weak cling on her back. Since the baby and the mother is bonding visitors has been asked to keep their voices down to a minimum.

N’dija was brought to the zoo in 2018 from San Diego Zoo as part of a conservation program. The zoo says that Western Lowland gorillas has become critically endangered because of illegal hunting, dwindling habitat and susceptibility to diseases like the Ebola virus. In the next four to six months the baby will grow rapidly. TNidija, Kelly, their baby and two other gorillas can be viewed at the park’s Campo Gorilla Reserve.

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