Satellite Footage Shows The Moment a Las Vegas-Sized Iceberg Broke Off Antarctica

In a disturbing new timelapse video ESA shows the breaking away of an iceberg the size of Las Vegas from the massive Pine Island Glacier in the coast of Antarctica.

The breakoff started in 2017 and ever since then, the ESA has kept their satellites trained to track the developments in the iceberg. ESA has named the iceberg PIG and in the video, you can see how rapidly it is breaking away.

As PIG separates itself from the glacier, it is further getting split into smaller icebergs. These smaller icebergs have been referred to as piglets by the agency. Generally, researchers used to find iceberg splits like this every 5 or 6 years. But more recently these fractures are appearing more rapidly because of worsening climate change.

ESA scientists say that the iceberg’s slow fragmentation has changed the nature of the Antarctic coastline and is helping create new icebergs. The real problem starts occurring when all these icebergs start to meltdown causing a rise in sea levels. Together with an iceberg known as iceberg Thwaites, PIG has enough ice to raise global sea levels by four feet, a catastrophic change by all definitions.

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