Startup makes steak from peas and seaweed

Switching to a plant diet might be the best way by which an individual can reduce his or her carbon footprint and thus play a vital role in our fight against global warming. But for meat lovers such a switch is very difficult due to the lack of compelling alternatives.

Many firms have already created alternatives to ground meats, that resemble actual meat in both texture and flavour. But creating a plant version of whole cut meats remained a challenge. Now, a Spanish startup Novameat has revealed a plant-based steak that looks so close to the real one, that too at the same cost of a traditional beef cut.

Named Steak 2.0, it’s made out of a mix that includes peas, seaweed, and beetroot juice. Novameat made thin fibres out of the ingredient using a 3D printer. The fibres give the product a “meaty” appearance.

While it looks exactly like real meat, Giuseppe Scionti the founder of Novameat told that the company still hasn’t locked down the taste — though it expects to reach a final formulation within the next few months.

Currently, the company spends $1.50 to produce 50 grams of its Steak 2.0, or about $13.60 per pound. That rate is pretty close to what you get beef for in the market. They are working on further reducing the costs by scaling up the production. If they are able to get the flavour just right, steak 2.0 could be a success in the mainstream market.

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