People Licking Toilet Seats and Doorknobs in a Sickening “Corona-virus Challenge”

We live in a digital world where social media influence is a big deal since everyone out there wants to gain fame. For this reason, most internet users share viral content mostly by taking advantage of global trends, and the coronavirus has been no exception.

A 22-year-old TikTok user Ava Louse from Miami took the internet by a storm on March 15, 20202, after she posted a video of herself licking the seat of a toilet bowl in an airplane and trying to start a disgusting challenge on “coronavirus.”

At a glance, the coronavirus pandemic has sickened over 212,000 people and killed about 10,000 individuals globally. The disgusting video shows the woman shamelessly recording herself while licking a plane toilet seat and proceeds to show a peace sign.

Her mission was to get attention and be noticed, and she achieved it and earned $4,000 as she was featured on CNN. “Please RT this so people can know how to be sanitary on the airplane properly,” she said.

The post, which was brought down probably by TikTok themselves resurfaced on twitter, and some people joined in the challenge, which is entirely inadvisable to try by all counts. Louise confirmed to her TikTok fans that she’s perfectly healthy and did not contract the virus.

We all know that licking a toilet seat is super gross and completely unnecessary, even without the coronavirus threat. Some health experts claim that the coronavirus could be transmitted through fecal matter and urine, making the stunt completely stupid and dangerous.

Louse probably knows better since, in later TikTok posts, she claimed that she had “Clorox” the toilet seat for 40 minutes before licking it. It appears that the “coronavirus challenge,” didn’t become an actual trend on TikTok — most people probably have enough common sense to know that online attention just isn’t worth risking your health for.

Ava Louise, who has 19,000 TikTok followers and 150,000 Instagram followers following her disgusting video, appeared on the “Dr. Phil” show. A day later, Louise confirmed that she started the coronavirus challenge for “clout” and that her actions were no worse than “eating a dude’s a**.”

After making it to the news, her bizarre stunt received major criticism, especially since it was a risky and insensitive thing to do during the global coronavirus pandemic, which is responsible for 68 deaths and at least 3,700 positive cases in the US alone.

People expressed their views by writing comments such as one user wrote: “She should be arrested for encouraging people to get infected.” Another said, “What is wrong with people? Are they so desperate for 15 minutes of fame?”

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